How Victim-Centered Investigations

Undermine the Presumption of Innocence and Victimize the Innocent

In observance of Wrongful Conviction Day, the Center for Prosecutor Integrity hosted a series of presentations by an Expert Panel on Tuesday, October 4, 2016, 1:00 – 4:00 pm Eastern time. The title of the event was, “How Victim-Centered Investigations Undermine the Presumption of Innocence and Victimize the Innocent.” This was the schedule of presentations:

1:00 – Welcome and Introduction

Moderator: Cynthia Garrett, Esq., is a former civil litigation attorney who now advocates for fairness in campus disciplinary proceedings.

1:05 – What is the Problem with Victim-Centered Investigations?

Presenter: Christopher Perry, Esq., worked as a criminal defense attorney for five years, and currently serves as a Program Director at the Center for Prosecutor Integrity.

1:30 – I Was a Victim of a “Victim-Centered” Investigation

Presenter: Joseph Roberts was falsely accused and expelled from his former university without a hearing or procedural due process.

2:00 – The Psychological Effects on Persons Wrongfully Found Guilty of Sexual Misconduct

Presenter: Jerome Rogoff, MD, a forensic psychiatrist and psychoanalyst, worked as senior psychiatrist in a Massachusetts state prison, consulted to the federal government, and testified in many wrongful conviction lawsuits.

2:30 – My Lawsuit to End Government Harassment 

Presenter: Carolyn Martin is a certified criminal investigator; president, American Federal Contract Investigators Association; and board member, American Board of Certified Criminal Investigators.

3:00 – How to Botch a Criminal Investigation in Ten Easy Steps

Presenter: Claudia Whitman is the executive director of the National Capital Crime Assistance Network;  investigator on numerous innocence cases; and is the creator/trainer of Capital Defense Handbook for Defendants and Their Families.

3:15 – Investigator Bias Creates Liability Risk for Universities

Presenter: E. Everett Bartlett, PhD is the president of the Center for Prosecutor Integrity.

3:30 – University of Texas Blueprint for Injustice

Presenter: Michael Conzachi is an Army veteran, retired homicide detective, and former police academy instructor from Southern California.

4:00 – Adjournment


NCFM: Center for Prosecutor Integrity Holds Wrongful Conviction Day Forum