Case Detail
CitationUnited States v. Blueford, 312 F.3d 962 (9th Cir. 2002)
CrimeNon-violent, other
Pros. First NameUKN
Pros. Last NameUKN
Trial YearUKN
BodyAppeals court
OpinionThe Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals overturned the defendant's conviction after the prosecutor alluded to evidence which was unsupportive of his claim in his closing statement. The prosecutor "failed, both at trial and thereafter, to fulfill its responsibility to discharge its responsibilities fairly, consistent with due process."
Determination Year2002
Misconduct TypePT: Evidence
TR: Inadmissible
TR: Mischaracterizing
C/S EffectVacate conviction or sentence
Pros. Misc. ReportedUKN
Sanction TypeUKN
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