The Center for Prosecutor Integrity is a leader in the national effort to affirm prosecutorial ethics, restore due process, and end wrongful convictions.

  • Conducted legislative and advocacy efforts to promote prosecutorial ethics, the presumption of innocence, and criminal justice reform
  • Sponsored a booth at annual conferences of the American Association of Law Schools (first photo), and sponsored an Innocence Summit (second and third photos)
  • Filed an ethics complaint against prosecutor Mary Kellett, which led the Maine Supreme Judicial Court to issue a determination against her.
  • Published a series of White Papers.
  • Sponsors the Registry of Prosecutorial Misconduct
  • 2014 Innocence Summit

    Hosts an active Facebook page with over 10,000 Followers

  • Supported efforts to restore due process on campus and reform domestic violence laws
  • Recognized in editorials, articles, and blogs in the New York TimesWashington Post, Wrongful Convictions BlogOpen File, and elsewhere

    Phillip Kuhn, Advisory Board Chair and Radley Balko, Washington Post reporter


Press Conference: The Fallacy of Victim-Centered Investigations

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