Interns & Volunteer Opportunities

The Center for Prosecutor Integrity sponsors an intern/volunteer program. The program features a blend of intellectual challenges and practical, hands-on experience. Previous interns have analyzed due process lawsuits, researched White Papers, written reports, written grant proposals, reviewed college websites, and more:

  • 2021: Christian Cooper, Michael Miley, and Erin Pine
  • 2020: Benjamin North, Kayana Payne, Matthew Kren, and Joseph Roberts
  • 2019: Magaly Peralta and Jennifer Aguilar
  • 2018: Jose Cazarez and Melissa Robles
  • 2016: Nathan Harvey 
  • 2014: Franco Galbo, Amelia Whaley, Daniel Woislaw, and Tate Fegley


The Center for Prosecutor Integrity welcomes inquiries from interested persons


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