Case Detail
CitationUnited States v. Earle, 375 F.3d 1159 (D.C. Cir. 2004)
CrimeDrug crimes
Pros. First NameUKN
Pros. Last NameUKN
Trial Year2002
BodyAppeals court
OpinionThe DC Circuit Court of Appeals ordered a new trial due to the prosecutor's use of arguments at trial "based upon information he knew conflicted with the record." The court also went on to state that the prosecutor's closing arguments were prejudicial, in that they "called into question the credibility not only of those witnesses but that of [defense lawyer] Tun himself."
Determination Year2004
Misconduct TypeTR: Impugning
TR: Inadmissible
TR: Mischaracterizing
C/S EffectNew trial
Pros. Misc. ReportedUKN
Sanction TypeUKN
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