Case Detail
CitationUnited States v. Sykes, 897 A.2d 769 (D.C. 2006)
Pros. First NameUKN
Pros. Last NameUKN
Trial Year1997
BodyAppeals court
OpinionProsecution had delayed disclosure of two witnesses who had testified before the grand jury until two days before the trial. The witnesses at that point could not be located. The D.C. Court of Appeals court found that the "government's very tardy disclosure of [witnesses]…grand jury appearance, approximately one year after that testimony, not only constituted a Brady violation, but also deprived the defense, pretrial, of information that was potentially exculpatory..."
Determination Year2006
Misconduct TypeP
C/S EffectRemand for retrial
Pros. Misc. ReportedUKN
Sanction TypeUKN
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