Case Detail
CitationUnited States v. Farinella, 558 F.3d 695 (7th Cir. 2009)
CrimeNon-violent, other
Pros. First NameJuliet
Pros. Last NameSorenson
Trial Year2006
BodyAppeals court
OpinionThe Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals ordered an acquittal of the defendant due to inadequate evidence and improper statements made at trial by suggesting the defendant was trying to buy justice by hiring an expensive attorney. The Appeals Court stated that the prosecutor's closing remarks to the jury "could be understood as a warning that the defendant might try to obtain an acquittal by bribery."
Determination Year2009
Misconduct TypeT
C/S EffectDismissal
Pros. Misc. ReportedUKN
Sanction TypeUKN
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