Registry Fields

The Registry of Prosecutorial Misconduct includes the following fields and response options:

  • Case number
  • Citation
  • Crime
    • Assault
    • Drug crime
    • Murder
    • Sex crime
    • Violent, other
    • Non-violent, other
  • State where crime was committed
  • Prosecutor first and last name
  • Federal jurisdiction:
    • Yes
    • No (state-level jurisdiction)
  • Year of trial
  • Body making finding of prosecutorial misconduct
    • Trial court
    • Appeals court
    • Supreme court
    • Disciplinary body
  • Opinion – summary of finding
  • Year of finding
  • Misconduct type*
    • PT: Pre-trial
    • TR: Trial
    • GEN: General
  • Conviction/Sentence (C/S) Effect:
    • Bar evidence
    • Dismissal
    • New sentencing/hearing
    • New trial
    • No effect
    • Partial dismissal
    • Partial reversal of conviction
    • Pre-trial dismissal
    • Remand for retrial
    • Remand for new trial
    • Removal of prosecutor
    • Reversal of conviction
    • Vacate conviction
    • Voluntary withdrawal of charges
  • Prosecutor Misconduct Reported: Whether or not the misconduct was reported to a legal disciplinary body
    • Yes
    • No
    • Unknown
  • Sanctions: Whether or not sanctions were imposed
    • Yes
    • No
    • Unknown
  • Type of sanctions:
    • Continuing legal education
    • Suspension
    • Disbarment
    • Other
  • Date Published: Date when the case was initially published (or updated) in the Registry — useful to locate cases that have been recently added or updated

* Type of Misconduct:

PT: Brady Pre-trial: Brady violation
PT: Charging Charging wo probable case/Overcharging
PT: Evidence Evidence falsification/Witness tampering/Subornation of perjury/Improper elicitation of evidence/Failure to enforce perjury
PT: Perjury Perjury offenses – failure to enforce
PT: Plea Plea Bargain Offense
PT: Other Pre-Trial — Other
TR: Impugning Trial: Impugning the defense attorney or others
TR: Inadmissible Inadmissible or false evidence/Arguing facts not in evidence/Lack of candor to court/Perjury
TR: Inflammatory Inflammatory statements/Witness harassment
TR: Mischaracterizing Mischaracterizing evidence
TR: Misstating Misstating the law/Shifting burden of proof
TR: Vouching Vouching
TR: Other Trial – Other
GEN: Extrajudicial General: Extrajudicial statements, e.g., inappropriate statements to the press
GEN: Supervision Inadequate supervision
GEN: Other General – Other
Unknown Unknown


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