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CPI Completes Addition of New York Cases to the Registry of Prosecutorial Misconduct

WASHINGTON / July 21, 2015 – Today the Center for Prosecutor Integrity (CPI) is announcing the completion of entering all available New York prosecutorial misconduct cases to the Registry of Prosecutorial Misconduct for the years 1990-2013. The Registry now includes 567 New York misconduct decisions.

CPI has also published a graph that illustrates the main types of prosecutorial misconduct in New York cases, which can be seen here. Inflammatory statements and witness harassment account for the most common instances of misconduct, with this misconduct type occurring in 21.45% of the Registry cases for the state.

The Registry defines prosecutorial misconduct as the violation of any pertinent code of professional ethics or law, or other conduct that prejudices, or appears to prejudice, the administration of justice.

The Registry of Prosecutorial Misconduct is the only national online database that catalogs judicial and legal disciplinary committee findings of prosecutorial misconduct. The Registry allows lawmakers, researchers, legal organizations, criminal justice reform groups, and others to identify common types of misconduct, assess trends, and compare jurisdictions. The Registry database may be accessed here.

The database includes over 15 fields such as Crime, State, Prosecutor Name, Trial Year, Misconduct Type, and Sanction Type. Information in the database can be accessed using Sort, Filter, and Search functions.

The database currently includes 813 cases of misconduct by federal and state prosecutors. CPI will next add cases from the state of Texas. Additional, high-profile prosecutorial misconduct cases across the country will be added as they are reported. New cases are added on a weekly basis.

“We are excited to expand the Registry into Texas, a state where important criminal justice reform measures are being implemented,” notes Philip Kuhn, CPI Chairman. “Including these cases will allow for revealing comparisons of judicial and prosecutorial activity.”

Additional information about the Registry can be seen here. Persons may submit cases for consideration for inclusion:


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