Case Identification, Review, and Processing

CPI follows these steps to identify, review, and enter cases into the Registry of Prosecutorial Misconduct:

1. Identify potential cases by means of:

  • Cases submitted by individuals
  • Media reports
  • LexisNexis legal database, using the following search terms:
    • Brady violation
    • Ethical
    • Ex parte communication
    • Failure to disclose
    • False evidence
    • Improper argument
    • Inadmissible evidence
    • Inflammatory statement
    • Lack of candor
    • Mischaracterizing evidence
    • Perjury
    • Professional Conduct
    • Professional Responsibility
    • Prosecutor Improp!
    • Prosecutor! Misconduct

2. Confirm case eligibility, based on finding by a:

  • Trial court
  • Appellate court
  • Supreme court
  • Bar disciplinary committee

3. Case analysis and data-entry by the Legal Analyst

4. Case review and approval by the Registry Director

5. Record enhancement – locate additional information (e.g., prosecutor’s name) from other sources such as:

  • Bar disciplinary records
  • Defense counsel reports
  • Media accounts


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