Below is a listing of editorials criticizing the use of “victim-centered” methods in the criminal justice setting. A separate listing of editorials about victim-centered methods in the campus setting is available here:

      1. James Baresel: “Trauma Informed” Investigations Assume Psychological Fragility
      2. Wendy McElroy: Victim-Centered Justice Throws Black Men Under the Bus
      3. Ryan MacDonald: Police Investigative Misconduct Railroaded an Innocent Catholic Priest
      4. James Baresel: Has EVAWI Been Moderating or Covering its Tracks?
      5. Wendy McElroy: The Metastasizing Cancer of Trauma-Informed Justice
      6. James Baresel: The Pandora’s Box of “Trauma Informed” Investigations
      7. Colleen Reed and Margaret Valois: Ignoring Due Process, DOD Climbs on to the Trauma-Informed Bandwagon
      8. Ashe Schow: The Junk Science Behind ‘Trauma-Informed’ Investigations
      9. Scott Greenfield: Fight Or Flight Or . . . Whatever
      10. Ella Whelan: The problem with victim-centered justice
      11. A. Pebble: Trauma Informed Investigations Stole My Son’s Future
      12. Wendy McElroy: Will AG William Barr Uphold Fair Investigations in Sexual Assault Cases?
      13. Greg Piper: Trump administration is still funding ‘trauma-informed’ pseudoscience in rape investigations
      14. Edward Bartlett: ‘Start By Believing:’ Good for Counselors and Therapists, Bad for Detectives and Investigators
      15. Wendy McElroy: Smollett Case Reveals the Danger of DOJ’s “Start by Believing” Push
      16. Greg Piper: Due-process group kicks off campaign to expose flaws of ‘Start by Believing’
      17. Don Mathis: An Open Letter to Attorney General William Barr
      18. SOS: EVERY MALE Should Fear the One Sided, Female Favored ‘Start By Believing’ Campaign
      19. Wendy McElroy: This Campaign Against Sexual Violence Strongly Favors Female Victims, Strips Men of Due Process
      20. Edward Bartlett: As Sexual Assault Investigation Scandal Engulfs England, US Law Enforcement Stages Lovefest With #StartByBelieving
      21. Maarten van Swaay: “Trauma Informed” and Its Orwellian Perversion
      22. Greg Piper: ‘Start by believing’ backfired on rape victims in the U.K. Some senators want to impose it here.
      23. Scott Greenfield: No Reason To Investigate If You “Believe The Victim”
      24. Center for Prosecutor Integrity: Too Little, Too Late: Review of EVAWI’s Updated Report on ‘Effective Report Writing’
      25. Margaret Valois: Alice-in-Wonderland Justice: DOJ Promotes ‘Trauma-Informed’ Techniques to Law Enforcement
      26. Radley Balko: Junk science leads to father’s wrongful arrest, false accusation of raping his son
      27. Scott Greenfield: Believe The Victims (of the SPLC)
      28. Scott Greenfield: Rape And The Neuroscience Apologist
      29. Christopher Perry: ‘Start-By-Believing’ Investigations Are A Multimillion Dollar Threat To Justice
      30. Amy Swearer: This Junk-Science Approach to Sexual Assault Cases Would Trample on Rights of the Accused
      31. SAVE: The ‘Junk Science’ Behind Trauma-Informed Theories
      32. Nikita Vladirimov: Report: ‘Believe the victim’ mentality undermines justice
      33. Harry Power: ‘Believe the Victim’? The Biological Reason Why Accusers Aren’t Always Telling the Truth
      34. Michael Conzachi: ‘Believe the Victim’ Investigations Reveal a Callous Disregard for the Truth
      35. Emily Yoffe: The Bad Science Behind Campus Response to Sexual Assault
      36. Eugene Volokh: Don’t ‘start by believing’
      37. Matt Clarke: “Start by Believing” Initiative Creates Controversy
      38. Amber Athey: REPORT: ‘Victim-centered’ view of sex assault erodes due process
      39. Ashe Schow: Evidence should be most important in sexual assault investigations
      40. Barbara Hewson: In their rush to ‘believe the victim’, the courts are ruining lives
      41. Ashe Schow: ‘Listen and believe’ actually hurts rape victims in the long run
      42. Victor Zheng: I Was Falsely Accused of Rape: ‘Victim-Centered Investigations’ are a Travesty of Justice
      43. Barbara Hewson: The feminising of justice that makes it hard for men charged with rape to get a fair trial, writes human rights lawyer
      44. Christine Damon: US needs to restore impartiality in dealing with sexual assault allegations
      45. Jeannie Suk: Shutting Down Conversations About Rape at Harvard Law