Take Action!

There are many ways to publicize and promote Wrongful Conviction Day. These are eight possibilities:

  1. Read the CPI Report, Roadmap for Prosecutor Reform.
  2. Visit the National Registry of Exonerations and make a list of all the wrongful convictions that have occurred in your state.
  3. Make a sign that says, “Honk for Justice. End Wrongful Convictions,” and wave it at drivers during morning rush hour.
  4. Contact a local newspaper to write an article about Wrongful Conviction Day.
  5. Call the dean at the local law school and ask for a list of courses that specifically address the importance of the presumption of innocence.
  6. Hold a meeting with your local District Attorney to discuss setting up a Conviction Integrity Unit.
  7. Attend a political rally or townhall meeting. Ask candidates for their views how to stop wrongful convictions.
  8. Contact state lawmakers about introducing a bill to strengthen ethical conduct by prosecutors.