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Registry of Prosecutorial Misconduct Invites Submission of State-Level Cases

WASHINGTON / March 25 , 2014 – The Center for Prosecutor Integrity (CPI) announces it is now accepting state-level cases from across the country for inclusion in the national Registry of Prosecutorial Misconduct. The Registry allows for the identification of leading types of misconduct, analysis of trends, and comparisons across jurisdictions.

The Registry was established in January 2014, initially focusing on misconduct by federal prosecutors. Now, the Registry will expand to also include cases of wrong-doing by state and local prosecutors.

The Registry consists of an intuitive database that permits data access using Sort, Filter, and Search functions. Cases can also be downloaded into a spreadsheet to facilitate in-depth analyses:

Cases qualify for inclusion in the Registry based on a determination by a bar disciplinary committee, or by a trial, appellate, or supreme court judge. CPI estimates there have been 16,000 determinations of prosecutorial misconduct nationwide since 1970.

The Registry has been highlighted in media accounts in the Washington Post, Open File, Wrongful Convictions Blog, and elsewhere:

“In the past, recommendations for prosecutor reform had to be based on anecdotes and media accounts,” notes CPI chairman Phillip Kuhn. “For the first time, policymakers and researchers can now get reliable information to formulate policy improvements.”

Cases should be submitted to Sakeena Farhath, Registry Director:

The Registry is supported by contributions by interested individuals and organizations. There is no charge for use of the database.

The Center for Prosecutor Integrity is working to preserve the presumption of innocence, assure equal treatment under the law, and curb wrongful convictions: