ciu 3bConviction Integrity Units: Forging a New Model of Justice

Conviction Integrity Units across the nation are reviewing claims of actual innocence and defining new approaches to the administration of criminal justice. A link to the unit’s webpage or media report is provided below:

Capitol Building CACapitol Building CALEGISLATION



1. Preserve the presumption of innocence

2. Restore equal treatment under the law

  • Innocence QuiltSentencing: “On average, blacks receive almost 10% longer sentences than comparable whites arrested for the same crimes.”
  • Males were “consistently treated more severely at every stage of the prosecution process, particularly regarding the decision to prosecute, even when controlling for other variables”

3. Bring an end to wrongful convictions

  • 43% of all wrongful convictions arise from misconduct by the prosecutor or other officials (NRE, Table 11)
  • 15% of men convicted of rape in Virginia were wrongfully convicted, based on post-conviction DNA analysis (Urban Institute, page 6)
  • Over-criminalization of our legal system has led to unnecessary prosecutions and wrongful convictions



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